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The Sierra de Guara was declared National Natural Park in 1991

The Natural Park Sierra de Guara is located in the aragonese foothills in the Province of Huesca. It is a limestone mountain range and conglomerate with stunning rivers and canyons which makes it unique in the world.


Its total area is  about 45,000 ha,  being the largest natural area of the region. Its altitude ranges between 430 meters, the Alcanadre river level and then, reaching up to 2077m high, at the top of Guara peak.

The climate could be define as a mix between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean one, which is definitely perfect for carrying out activities in the natural environment, such as canyoning, climbing, trekking, via ferrata, BTT and bird watching.


The typical and autochtonous vegetation is a mixture of valencian oak, beech, black pine, holm oak, boxwood, genista and kermes oak, all located in different places.

The fauna is known for its birds species, such as griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, lammergeyer, golden eagle, etc. Mammals, such as wild pig, fox, roe deer, etc.. In the river you will easily spot  the trout, the carp and the Pyrenean triton, in danger of extinction.


The human footprint in the Sierra de Guara is reflected through the paintings and dolmens spread within its area. Nowadays, its residents mainly live on agriculture, livestock and tourism.

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activities you can do



Crossing the various canyons that the Sierra de Guara offers us. Going by the river through passages, chaos of rocks, rapids, slides, jumps, rappels...


Vías Ferratas

Discover the feeling of climbing mountains in a different way, with a view you have never experienced before. Climbing vertical walls progressing thanks to iron rungs and spikes hammered into the rock...



Getting to know and enjoy the most beautiful places through a wonderful experience. With this activity we want you to get closer to nature and learn about the area through its heritage, culture and customs.